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2 New Wells Built in Malawi: Give Clean Water

We are thrilled to announce that Waiakea has helped build two new wells in Makata and Puwere, Malawi. While official estimates claim that roughly 2.4 million people living in rural Malawi are without access to a safe water source, the actual number may be twice as high – largely due to increasingly non-functional water points and a rapidly growing population (Pump Aid). To combat this growing statistic, these vital wells now provide over 300 community members with clean and protected drinking water.

For every liter of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water sold, 1 week's supply of clean water is donated to our partner Pump Aid who builds safe, functional, and community-managed elephant water pumps, giving access to sanitary drinking water to those who were previously without. Coupled with this secured access to sustainable water, Pump Aid facilitates community led improvement in hygiene and sanitation practices that aim to maximize the impact of these newly installed safe and improved water sources.

A lack of convenient access to safe water impacts almost every part of daily life—and the consequences are many. High levels of illness from waterborne parasites leads to decreased farming productivity and other critical income-generating activities. Children are forced to take days off from school to walk endless hours to a distant water source that is contaminated or totally dried up. As a whole, insufficient sanitation leads to a high mortality rate across the board.

Through our sponsorship, Waiakea is able to fulfill an individual's basic human right to safe water. Mahalo for you contribution in kickstarting measurable improvements in health, education, and economic opportunity across poor communities. Together, we have given life to those in need.




You can visit WAIAKEA HAWAIIAN VOLCANIC WATER’S WEBSITE HERE to learn more about our sustainable and ethical initiatives beyond Pump Aid and water sanitation, or place an order at OUR ONLINE STORE.

PumpAid and Waiakea

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