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3 Ways to Infuse Your Water

Trying to counter those juice and soda cravings? Finally, there's a way to satisfy your sweet tooth while making sure you're staying hydrated! INFUSED WATER. Add fruit, herbs, vegetables, practically anything to your water, for a delicious rendition of good old h20! Now, you can keep those New Years' resolutions and drink more water, while changing up the flavor from time to time. It's a win-win! 

Lemon Ginger Water

Body-Cleansing-Lemon-Ginger-Water.jpgThe first recipe is as simple as it gets and is packed with phenominal health benefits. Lemon ginger water boosts your immune system-- something we really need this flu season! It's also detoxifying which will help with all of those holiday meals we indulged in last month. Lemons are actually alkalizing (along with Waiakea) and ginger is your immune system's best friend1

It's super easy to prepare:

  1. Take a bottle of water and add 1 or 2 wedges of peeled and sliced ginger. You can even try putting it in the fridge overnight to allow the ginger to steep. If the taste is too strong, add less ginger the next time or add water to dilute it. Don't worry, you can also leave the ginger out if it's not appealing to your taste buds!
  2. It's most beneficial to add the lemon right before drinking the water. The amount of lemon you add also depends on your personal preference! 

Bring your bottle with you throughout the day so that you can stay hydrated 24/7! Try drinking a lukewarm cup of lemon water first thing in the morning, too. This supposedly can help with fat burn and weight loss. 

Blueberry and Orange Water


Blueberries may be tiny, but they're packed with nutrients and have tons of health benefits that you shouldn't skip out on! They are high in antioxidants, meaning they can help fight cancer, can help with weight loss, boost brain health, relieve inflammation, aid in digestion, and support heart health. They're low in calories, but have a high nutrition profile containing fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, and magnese2! Why not throw them in your water too? Paired with all of the vitamin C found in fresh oranges, you may get through this winter without getting sick!

It's time to get your blueberry and orange infused water on: 

  1. Get some blueberries and mandarin oranges, cut into wedges, and add them to your water.
  2. Put it in the fridge for 2-24 hours to allow the fruit to fully infuse.
  3. For a more intense flavor, squeeze juice from the mandarin oranges and stir the blueberries around.
  4. Serve or bring around with you throughout the day!


Lastly, we're keeping it simple with kiwi-infused water. Kiwi's aren't typically popular, but they actually have way more vitamin C than oranges3! Who knew?! Kiwis are also actually good sources of vitamin B and E, too. There are different 


types of vitamin B, but vitamin B6 is essential to your body's metabolism and vitamin B12 helps keep our nervous system and memory running. Vitamin B7, also known as biotin, keeps our hair and nails strong4. Kiwis can help all that! 

Get your daily dose of vitamin C, B, and E:

  1. Add sliced and peeled kiwis to a bottle or pitcher. We recommend a ratio of 3-4 ripe kiwis to 2 quarts of water. 
  2. Add water, preferably Waiakea 😉
  3. Stick it in the fridge and serve chilled. Enjoy!


For an extra kick of minerals and electrolytes, use Waiakea in your infusion creations. It'll be the healthiest drink in your fridge!

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