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Get Smarter, Drink More Water

How many times have you promised yourself you'll be better about drinking more water? Don't worry, you're not alone! For most people, it's a difficult thing to remember especially when it's not an engrained habit.

Here at Waiakea HQ, drinking 3+ liters a day is standard practice. It helps being surrounded my some of the most delicious tasting water available!

So how is hydration related to our brains capacity to function? Turns out, our brains are made up of over 70% water and require the most amount of energy out of all the organs in our body!

Here are 5 ways water can, in a way, make us "smarter."1 


1. our brains will work faster

Our brain cells all need water to function correctly. Research has shown that we need to start drinking water when we wake up1. Why? At this point in the day after 7-9 hours of sleep, our brain cells need hydration that only water can provide.


2. our Concentration will improve

Surprisingly, our brain is the first to notice when we're dehydrated. This is before we start to feel dizziness and dry skin! Signs that your brain is dehydrated include a shorter attention span and a dull memory.1 It becomes harder to concentrate and our reactions may not be as quick as usual. A good rule of thumb to go by is to take a sip of water every 45 minutes. Why 45 minutes? This is the time it takes for your attention span to start to decline.1 Drinking water is an easy fix!


3. Our Mood and emotions will be balanced

Water not only keeps us hydrated, but it also improves our mental health. When we drink water, our brain's temperature increases, getting rid of toxins and dead cells.1 Water also balances the chemical processes, causing what Step to Health's website calls a "mental restart." By steadily drinking water throughout the day, our brain will stay balanced, regulating stress and anxiety.


4. We'll sleep better

Drinking water before bed can greatly improve the quality of our nighttime sleep. Water increases the blood flow to our brains, which in turn increases oxygenation and hydration.1 This also helps calm our brain! On top of that, water detoxifies our brain of waste substances.1 This ensures that our brain is balanced and working. Even if it means we might have to get up to go to the bathroom, our brains will thank us. 


5. Our memory will improve

Even the slightest dehydration can cause a homeostatic imbalance1-- our internal environment basically can't regulate itself. Our cognitive abilities will be most affected; we'll have trouble memorizing things, making conclusions, and making long-term memories.1 

We all have to remember to drink more water! Bring a bottle of Waiakea in your bag wherever you go so that you can stay hydrated all day.