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Hydration: Be the best version of yourself in 2018

It's 2018 and time to tackle the motto of "new year, new you." Making sure your body is optimally hydrated is a simple and easy solution to achieving those new years resolutions.

Let's discuss the variety of ways water can faclitate this new year's motto: 

1. Skin 

Get that vacation glow without having to leave your desk! Dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian has found that water consumption does impact skin health. She says that "without adequate water intake, skin appears duller and wrinkles and pores more prominent." But when the skin is adequately hydrated, plump, and elastic, the less likely it is to crack and let in external particles that cause irritation and blmishes. Although water doesn't make the sings of aging completely disappear, it helps to drastically minimize their visability. Dr. Nazarian also found that her patients exhibited more acne leisons when dehydrated. Proper hydration can ward off acne by decreasing the oil concentration on your skin. Hydrate your skin from the inside out! 

2. Muscles

Stay on that 2018 workout grind! An inability to balance fluids and electolytes can ultimately cause cells to shrivel, leading to muscle fatigue. Fatigued muscles = decreased performance = harder to get results. To combat this chain reaction, drink water before and after you exercise. Your mucles will thank you by working harder. 

3. Kidneys

Make those kidneys happy! The kidneys are essential in detoxification of the body. Without a healthful intake of fluids, the kidneys are unable to cleanse and rid your system of harmful toxins. 

4. Bowel

Keep those bowels moving! Water is absolutely essential in maintaining normal bowel function. When you are not supplying your body with enough water, the colon will pull water out of your stool to compensate, ultimately causing an uncomfortable bout of consitpation. 

5. Weight Loss

Take water off the bench and throw it into the game! Do yourself a favor and skip out on caloric soft drinks or juices at meals and stick to the good old H20. At 0 calories, water can help curb the craving for snacks while reducing overall calorie intake, ultimately helping you reach your 2018 weight loss goals.

The proper consumption of water can be the cause for a happier and healthier you! We suggest carrying a water bottle with you at all times. Since water will be easily accessible, you will probably find yourself reaching for a sip more often than if the bottle wasn't in sight. Happy hydrating! 


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