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  • The Kokua Initiative: Honoring Boogie Kalama

    A crew member on the double hulled outrigger canoe, The Hokule'a, that voyaged from Hawaii to Tahiti in 1976, George "Boogie" Kalama was known as a man of the Land and Sea. He was said to be deeply spiritual and a great comfort to those around him, truly embodying the essence of "aloha." He was well known in the Big Island community as someone who cared and gave to anyone in need. Boogie Kalama [...]
  • Access To Clean Water In Malawi: Pump Aid's Impact

    There's a major threat wreaking havoc on third world countries. Water-borne diseases festering in pools of unclean water kill more people per year than violence, including war. One of these deadly diseases is diarrhea, and because most people lack the proper treatment it has become the fifth leading cause of death in Malawi. And the younger generations are at an even greater risk. About 45% of [...]
  • Introducing: Waiakea's Kokua Initiative

    In 2019, we're committed to using our time and resources to help others in our local communities. Introducing: The Kokua Initiative. This is Waiakea’s new landmark program for investing in local community projects and non-profits. The Kokua Initiative focuses primarily on education, addiction, and environmental stewardship here in Hawai’i. While Waiakea already has a handful of firsts, we're [...]

Hiking On The Big Island

Hiking in Hawaii is an unforgettable experience thanks to the diversity in trails you’ll find spread across each Island. In one instant you could be making your way through lush forests to a hidden waterfall, the next you could be walking across lava fields, or cruising down the endless coastline accompanied by breathtaking views. Picking a trail can be overwhelming because there are endless [...]

One Way South

A one-way plane ticket, one 1977 Dodge Tradesman, one thousand miles of open road, and only ONE way home… ‘A’ ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia - No task is too big when done together by all

Become a Waiakea Brand Ambassador!

We're looking for our next brand ambassador! Is that you? Show us how you #LiveWaiakea and be entered to become a Waiakea Ohana! Are you an adventure hunter, health nut, fitness fanatic, or a steward of 'aina (Mother Earth)? Show us how you embody the Waiakea spirit by: Posting a photo with a bottle of Waiakea on Instagram demonstratin