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3 Under 30: Mike Sherbakov on Purpose, Community, and Cryptocurrency

Meet Mike Sherbakov, another OG Waiakea ambassador, who's doing amazing things for the community. He's an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and adventurer. The work that he does overseas through The Greatness Foundation and Greatness Media is truly inspiring, so we, of course, had to learn more. Keep reading, you won't regret it! 

Mike Sherbakov (1).jpgI see that you're the co-founder of The Greatness Foundation and Greatness Media. Can you shed a little light on the concept and development of both?

I started The Greatness Foundation guided by the belief our greatness is not what we have but what we give. After serving on active duty as a United States Marine, getting degrees in Kinesiology and Psychology, and traveling/volunteering in 52 countries - I realized there are so many people that want to make a difference and simply didn't have the community or resources, they didn't know where to start. Not only do we provide inspiring content and resources to help people make a difference doing what they love, we have a non-profit arm where we invite all of our community members to join us on impact projects around the world. Greatness Media came naturally as a resource to help people share their message, where our team supports with Instagram growth and website development, aligning ourselves with purpose driven brands. 

Which one came first? Did one venture fuel the flame of the other?

The Greatness Foundation came first, actually five years ago is when I first started building the community, creating content, and working on our first impact projects (building houses for families in need). Greatness Media came as an opportunity to support our community and share their message with the world through Instagram and websites. Greatness Media and the programs we offer for entrepreneurs currently fund our overhead and fuel the non-profit, as we're one of the only non-profits in the world that contribute 100% of donations to our impact projects.

How did your experience in the Marine Corps and your background in fitness and wellness influence where you are now?

My experience as a United States Marine undoubtedly shaped who I am today. I learned very quickly that when I was first ready to "quit", I had only reached a fraction of my true potential. This got me thinking, how can I (and all of us in the world) be more, do more, and give more - which is actually now our ethos at The Greatness Foundation.
IMG_0557.jpg Greatness Foundation School.jpg

You receive funding through Bitcoin and are passionate about the potential of cryptocurrency. As Director of Strategic Partnerships at Global Accelerator, how does blockchain technology go hand-in-hand with your philanthropic efforts?

Our blockchain fund and accelerator allows us the opportunity to support innovative technology. I'm excited to see the application of blockchain across all sectors, specifically the non-profit sector - imagine tracking a dollar from the donor's wallet to the brick that's being laid to build a home in a developing country... great things happen when we increase transparency and efficiency in any system. 

You help people find their purpose in life. What's one takeaway for our readers who are struggling with finding their purpose?

For anyone struggling with finding their purpose, I created a simple worksheet to discover your purpose in less than five minutes - you can enter your e-mail and download it on my website (www.MikeSherbakov.com). Essentially, ask yourself three important questions and find where they intersect: What are you passionate about? What are your strengths? What cause do you feel most connected to? Remember, you may not have all the answers right away but the quality of your life depends upon the quality of the questions you ask yourself. 
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To learn more about Mike, visit his website or follow along in Instagram! You can also visit The Greatness Foundation and Greatness Media for information on how to get involved.