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4 Eco-Friendly Brands with Skin-Friendly Products

Your skin, like any other organ, should be treated with care and "fed" the best ingredients. This is why we're sharing some of our favorite skincare brands that put amazing effort into using the best, highest quality ingredients while operating in a sustainable manner. 

Herbivore Botanicals

You may recognize Hebivore from some of our amazing giveaways on Instagram, so obviously they're one of our faves! Herbivore is a Seattle-based company founded by a couple in 2011. Julia Willis and Alexander Kummerow started in their kitchen making skincare products with ingredients that are ethically sourced in the US and are non-toxic. Herbivore uses natural ingredients including herbs, butters, clay, sea salts, and natural oils with no artifical preservaties. For this reason they have a shelf life of 12-24 months and actually recommend keeping products in your fridge - it's basically like fresh "food" for your skin! They also believe that animals are important, so all their products are Leaping Bunny and PETA certified for their 100% vegan products. We love that all Herbivore products are made with organic, high quality, food-grade ingredients - it's everything we're looking for! 



Indie Lee

Indie Lee was founded in 2009 after Indie Lee herself battled a brain tumor that pointed to environmental toxins as the culprit. She then developed a passion for creating eco-chic skincare products that protect your body and the Earth, too. They are also Leaping Bunny certified, ensuring that all products are 100% cruelty-free. All Indie Lee skincare products are made with the finest ingredients sourced  from around the world and "combine style and sustainability without sacrifice." Enhance your natural beauty while staying green! 

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Kahina Giving Beauty

Giving Beauty is a company that creates fair trade, premium organic, cruelty-free argan based products for your skin and body. Their argan oil is sourced from argan forests in the Southwest of Morocco. Giving Beauty pays the Berber women who inhabit the area fair wages and donates a percentage of their revenue to programs centered around supporting these women and their families, along with so much more philanthropic work. The founder, Katherine L’Heureux, vacationed in Morocco and felt inspired to create Kahina Giving Beauty in 2008 - "simple, effective, ethical, safe, and beautifully packaged line of skin and body care products, inspired by Morocco and made in the US." Giving Beauty's philosophy stems from using natural ingredients to better your skin and body, something the Berber women strongly follow. Their products contain argan and prickly pear seed oils to restore and moisturize, rhassoul clay to purify, green tea to tone and refine, blue tansy, aloe vera, and rose to calm skin, and antiseptic rosemary. They use 100% recycled paper and high quality recycled violet glass packaging to preserve the integrity of the products in a sustainable way. To top it all off, Giving Beauty is certified by ECOCERT, recognizing them internationally for representing some of the highest standards for natural and organic products including their sourcing of raw materials, responsible manufacturing processes, and environmentally-friendly final packaging, and they're Leaping Bunny certified!

Giving Beauty.png


Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica was born in 1979 with the sold vision to "Do Beautiful." Keeping that vision in mind, Alba Botanica has created products that are catered to nourishing the skin, hair, and body. All their products are 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free, and they keep their environmental footprint as low as possible. On top of being Leaping Bunny certified and vegetarian, they also emphasize the importance of reef safety. Certain chemicals from certain types of sunscreen have been damaging our coral reefs, so Alba Botanica created sunscreen that is biodegradable and coral reef safe. Amazing! They also put continuous effort to minimize their carbon footprint. All their products are biodegradable and made with recycled materials. These biodegradable formulas ensure that the products will break down over time with minimal damage to the Earth. Aside from their products, Alba Botanica partners with CARE, an organization focused on empowering girls and giving them access to an education. With CARE, Alba Botanica is one of their founding partners of their Empower Her Through Education Campaign, to break down the educational barriers that girls face in developing countries.

Alba Botanica.png


Even with the best skincare ingredients, what's on the inside still matters! With 15% of your skin being comprised of water, it's essential to stay hydrated. Rachel Nazarian, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City says "Without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, and wrinkles and pores more prominent.” She continues, “I’ve even found that my patients tend to complain of more acne lesions when they’re dehydrated." Keep your skin glowing, clear, and healthy from the inside out!


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