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5 Instagramable Summer Activities (On A Budget)

Summer is officially here! We don't know about you, but we've already got some activities down on our to-do list. Need some inspiration? Here are our top five favorite ways to have an awesome summer while ballin' on a budget... did we mention they're instagramable, too?


Beach Day

Sunshine, beach, repeat, that’s our routine for the next few months. With the sun out, sunscreen on (A MUST), water in hand and a floatie on our waists, there are so many things to do! The best part is it’s all FREE. All our coastal beach bums have no excuse, you’re surrounded by beaches everywhere! Grab your friends, get up, and go out – don’t forget your Float Naked floaties, they're a fun summer essential. Plus, they’re 100% instagramable.



With summer right around the corner, everyone’s starting to embrace the season. Local events, fairs and our favorite, outdoor movies are being held. It’s a great way to disconnect from the internet and spend some quality time with your Ohana. If you live near a major city, stop by Street Food Cinema, Rooftop Cinema Club, or Eat|See|Hear. They’ve each got little unique quirks and show a variety of movies from old-school, nostalgic ones to newer, modern box office hits. Summer’s all about being outdoors, and this is the perfect way to enjoy a movie on a warm, summer night.



Park Picnic

Summer is also the season for an old fashioned picnic! Pick any local park (even better if it's scenic), pack lunch, and don't forget your blanket. Make it fancy with some wine and cheese, or keep it simple with sandwiches and water-- either way, it's one of our favorite summer activities when the weather is just right. Makes for a great photo op, right?



Nothing’s more classic than a summer road trip. Ditch the airport and long security lines and opt for the wide open road. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving across the country or just a few hours away. Pack some snacks and hit the road - you'll scratch that wanderlust itch without breaking the bank. 




You can't go wrong with a scenic summer hike. Some trails may be more challenging than others, but there's definitely something for everyone. On the West Coast, hiking at Big Sur or through the Santa Monica Mountains would be a budget-friendly adventure to remember. Don't forget all the unique hiking trails across the Hawaiian Islands like this one on Oahu! You won't see anything like it. 


There you have it! Five ways to have a budget-friendly, instagrammable, summer. Have any other ideas? Comment below and share them with us!