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Empowering Malawians to Build Better Lives

Last year, we launched our Give Back Friday campaign to bring awareness to the world water crisis–we quadrupled our donations to Pump Aid, effectively giving 1 month of clean water for each liter of Waiakea purchased. Your support made a HUGE difference in impoverished communities in Malawi. Having clean water doesn't just mean having safe drinking water. It means that families have nutritious meals, girls can spend more time in school, and entrepreneurship opportunities open up. Your donations gave rural Malawians better lives, empowering them to thrive with Pump Aid's various programs, such as their business management program. Today, we're sharing one of the many success stories that wouldn't have been possible without your support.

Like we mentioned above, one of the many programs Pump Aid offers is a business management program. Participants are taught how to run a sustainable business, how to obtain clients, how to set prices, keep records, and more. Skills like these are so important on the path to self-sufficiency and being able to step out of the cycle of poverty.

Levison Steven

29-year old Levison Steven saw opportunity in this program. He lives in Mavwere Villiage in the Mchinji district with his wife and three children. Having over nine years of experience in the trade of well-digging, he still struggled to earn a sustainable and secure living. Unfortunately, he would have up to a month without any work, meaning he was unable to cover basic living expenses for his family.

Fortunately, Pump Aid offers a variety of programs for self-improvement. Levison underwent training provided by Pump Aid, which enhanced his skills in well-digging and maintenance. Then, he enrolled in their business management program, equipping him with the necessary skills to run his business and obtain clients.

“I was trained in business marketing skills, how to set prices, keep records and how to promote and market my skills.”

Pump Aid's program gave Levison the skills to provide better-quality service at a higher price point and supported him when finding more customers. Within four months of working with Pump Aid, Levison's business was booming. Using the proceeds from well digging, re-deepending, and lining, Levison built a two bedroom house for himself and his family. He also bought a farm and rents three hectares (almost 8 acres) of land for the cultivation of crops!

“The growth of my business has ensured that my family is well-fed and I am now able to cater for my children’s educational needs.”

Thanks to Pump Aid and the programs they offer, Levison was well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to run a successful and sustainable business! His overall quality of life has improved; he and his family are well-fed and his children are able to attend school. Levison's business has even grown so much, that he was able to invest in better quality equipment for well digging, and his community now has a skilled well digger on hand. He's now mentoring four younger men in his village, allowing them to benefit from his trade.


Working with Pump Aid, we strive to alleviate water poverty through economic empowerment. As a valued member of our Ohana, you're supporting Waiakea, Pump Aid, and villagers just like Levison.