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Podcasts Every Surfer Needs to Know About

The stoke is real when it comes to surfing podcasts! From tactical skills to industry news and culture, podcasts allow you to keep up with anything and everything surf related. Action sports, including surfing, have been late to the game when it comes to podcasts, but we're all ears for our favorites:

Surf Mastery

The Surf Mastery podcast, hosted by Michael, is made for open-minded surfers who want to improve their surfing and enhance their surf longevity and health. Michael is a surf coach who has focused on education, practice, and refinement for the past 15 years. He combines surf coaching with surf-specific body weight strength training, performance neurology and vision training for ultimate surfing progression. With that being said, the podcast brings audible, professional coaching to surfers anywhere. Michael interviews influential surfers such as Clayton Neinaber, Kale Brock, and Bud Freitas, discussing tips and tricks from some of the world's best.



Kill The MEssengER

Dave Prodan, SVP of Global Brand Identity at World Surf League (WSL), hosts Kill The Messenger. This surfing podcast talks about what's new in the surfing world-- he attempts to "contextualize the entertainment, comedy, inspiration, misery and unending transcendence that surfing and its community provide on a daily basis." Rad, right?


Surf Splendor

Next up we have another super sick podcast, Surf Splendor. David Scales hosts this podcast, which is centered around anything surfing. They have 3 different "shows" within the podcast: Wax On, Shaping Surfing, and Grit! With Chas Smith. The Wax On series is made up of interviews with "surfing luminaries." If you want to hear all about surfboard shaping, there's the Shaping Surfing series. You'll hear interviews from popular surfboard shapers. Lastly, for all surf gossip and current events, The Grit! series is where you should be. It's a twice-monthly show hosted by David Scales and Chas Smith, talking about top headlines from BeachGrit.



Surf Simply

Surf Simply is an epic surf coaching resort in Costa Rica, and they have their own podcast. The podcast talks about surf culture, characters, coaching, and competitions and is hosted by Asher King, Ru Hill, and Harry Knight. It'll get you stoked about surfing if you're just jumping on the bandwagon. 


Surfer Life

Lastly, there's Surfer Life. Unlike the others, this podcast does not talk about general surf culture. Instead, the hosts focus on influential people in the surfing community. Whether they are surfers, shapers, or just people in the surfing world with interesting stories, you'll get an in-depth look on Surfer Life. Their goal is to "bring life to the voices of all the surfers." We're always stoked when we have the chance to hear different people's stories that led them to where they are today. 


Time to download, plug in, and start listening. Do you have any rad podcast recommendations? Comment down below so we can check them out!