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Snack Time With Sweats & The City

Waiakea ambassador’s Elizabeth + Dale, the dynamic duo behind Sweats & The City, have joined us to share some of their favorite snack items that are both healthy and tasty.


Siggi’s Plain 0% Yogurt

There’s a new kid on the block in the world of yogurt….While Greek yogurt has been a trending item when it comes to the health food scene, have siggis.jpegyou ever heard of Icelandic Skyr yogurt? We definitely hadn’t! E + D (as they call themselves) said that Siggi’s is their go-to item when it comes to kicking off their mornings. Siggi’s is similar in taste and texture to the beloved Greek yogurt, but it has fewer calories and a higher protein to sugar ratio than brands like Chobani and Fage. Next time you hit the yogurt aisle, give this new one a shot.

Brand aside, plain Greek yogurt is made without artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives; free of added growth hormones; is gluten free and loaded with live probiotic cultures. That being said, you should seek to incorporate this nutritional powerhouse into your snack bank.


paleo passion foods granola.jpeg


Paleo Passion Foods Granola

If you’re not a fan of just plain yogurt, E + D recommend Paleo Passion Foods Granola. Unlike most granolas that are loaded with unhealthy sugars, absolutely none of the products in the Paleo Passion Foods’ family contain added cane or refined sugars, artificial flavorings, or other chemicals. Rest assured that even though you’re adding some sweet crunch to that cup of plain yogurt, you aren’t totally negating its healthful nutritional value.




Justin’s Almond Butter

You can make plain yogurt even more delectable with Justin’s Almond Butter! High in protein and healthy fats makes this alternative to your well known peanut butter ideal for the health conscious individual. E + D recommend this as a snack for anytime of the day because the high fiber content in nut butter has been shown to decrease hunger while aiding in weight loss.¹ No to mention, it’s beyond tasty!




In need of a snack that’s better for an on-the-go lifestyle? E + D adore RXBARs because of their no BS approach to food. Although there are a varietyof flavors to suit any taste buds, these protein bars all contain a core base of egg whites, dates and nuts. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or fillers. What you see on the front of the label is all that you are getting.

E + D love reviewing products so you should check out their Instagram and blog or even shoot them a message if you’re seeking specific info. You can follow these two fabulously fit humans on their IG page here. 

Happy snacking!

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