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Southwest Now Offers Cheap Flights to Hawaii

If you didn't know your destination for 2018's vacation, now you do! In October, Southwest Airlines announced that they will now offer flights to Hawaii in 2018, along with cheaper prices than their competitors-- FINALLY. Over time, Southwest received requests to expand their flight routes to Hawaii and now it's finally here!

Exact fare prices have not been shared yet, but Southwest claims that their low pricing will make travelling to Hawaii affordable. According to Andrew Watterson, executive vice president and chief revenue officer at Southwest, fares will be so much lower than the competition, that it will shift the market! He also went on to say, "on average, our fares will be lower than theirs or bring down the market price. That's called the 'Southwest Affect.'" 


Keep an eye out next year for the ticket and service information so you can take advantage of the new addition! Time to start packing!