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Get In The Ring: This Is Our New Favorite Full-Body Workout

Summer is upon us, which means beach days, beach days, and more beach days basking in the sunshine. Of course while we bask, we're also staying hydrated drinking our refreshing Waiakea water. That was not a promotion, that is just the truth! But when you think beach, you think bikini, and when you think bikini you think, "I better get my butt in the gym PRONTO!".
 Our names are Bree and Makenzie, and we are the two birdie bloggers that make up the fashion + health + lifestyle blog Two Little Birds Wander West. We wanted to give you our secret to the best summer work out. Come close . . . a little closer . . . ok that's close enough, boxing. We are obsessed. Completely hooked, if we do say so ourselves. It's the perfect combination of a cardio and strength based workout. Not only does your heart rate sky rocket, but you're also using every inch of power inside of you to hit a stationary bag. We take classes in Orange County California at a newly opened boxing gym called BoxHaus. All classes are dimly lit with neon blue light fixtures filling the workout space. The music is always bumpin' and on point, and you will never not leave the class looking like you just jumped in the ocean with your workout clothes on. With a backpack stocked with snacks, Waiakea, and the best boxing gloves, we're ready for the best workout ever. 
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Kickboxing is making a comeback, and we definitely see why. First, kickboxing gives you more confidence-- who doesn't need more confidence, right? While this is true for virtually any exercise routine, kickboxing helps you prove that you can stand your own ground and defend yourself. It also releases endorphins, which are a natural mood booster! It's also one of the most efficient workouts, burning about 750 calories per hour! While burning calories, kickboxing is toning your whole body and speeding up your metabolism. Given the fact that we're already a couple days away from July, efficiency counts. You'll also improve coordination, better your posture, and de-stress (something everyone needs)1
We've personally seen a difference in our arms, and waistline since incorporating this workout into our weekly routine about twice a week. We've also felt stronger, more powerful every time we throw a jab or a cross, and our technique is improving after every class we take. Summer usually brings the "active" out of everyone, so why not try something new? There are heaps of studios in different cities across the Mainland and the Islands, you just have to search and find the one you connect with! You'll find the perfect gym for you with something as easy as a Google search! 
Just remember . . . one to the face! Two to the body!! Right hook, left uppercut, boom, boom, POW! **runs up the stairs, pumps both fists in the air, and Rocky Balboa’s the crap out of this moment**

Happy Summer friends!
Make sure to continue to fly with us . . .

xx Bree + Makenzie