• Breaking The Surface: Wave Sliding

    Cliff Kapono Wave Sliding Ambassador
    Part one of Breaking The Surface, an exploration of why we do what we love, not what. “Like many in Hawaii, the practice of wave sliding has become deeply integrated into our way of life. It doesn’t define us, but rather allows us to honor our heritage as well as our commitment to the sea. A […]
  • How Living On A Boat Will Change Your Life

    Poema Waiakea Ohana
    Poema du Prel has been living on her 30 foot sailboat, Black Pearl, in Tahiti for the past few years. The best part? Seeing the blue sky over the ocean from her bed.  The challenges? Having to fix leaks and broken engines alone. Waiakea: Are you ever fearful? Poema: I get scared sometimes, but I have an automatic […]
  • So Long Summer Sale

    So Long Summer Sale Waiakea Blog
    It’s been a great summer for the Waiakea team, filled with family & friends, creativity, long nights, early mornings, and steady growth. We’re sad to see it go, but grateful for the opportunities we were offered and connections that were made over the past 3 months. SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS Installed another 2 water pumps in Kasonda and Kathobwa, Malawi, […]
  • Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

    Water is water, right? Not really. It’s no secret that water is essential to life. Unfortunately, in today’s world it is not enough to simply turn on your tap and drink the requisite eight glasses per day. In order to be healthy, the body must maintain a pH balance—it must be equally acidic and alkaline. […]
  • Willie Kessel: Move, Inspire, Evoke

    Willie Kessel Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Ohana
    Growing up on a seaside avocado ranch in southern California, Willie has always been influenced by the ocean and its surroundings. Willie believes photography is highly interactive, in that he is sharing his personal lens with the world so that it may move, inspire, or evoke. Waiakea is thrilled to have Willie Kessel as a member of […]
  • Cliff ‘Bruddah’ Kapono

    Cliff Kapono
    Cliff ‘Bruddah’ Kapono is an anomaly, in the greatest sense of the word. From independent filmmaking, to involvement in the Mauna Kea and Thirty Meter Telescope dispute, Cliff’s talents range from the arts to the sciences. Cliff’s unsatiated curiosity, coupled with an open mind and grounded demeanor, makes for a very genuine and passionate individual. […]
  • Bottled Water: A Call For Change

    In a call for change, Waiakea founder Ryan Emmons talks about bottled water, sustainability, and what we can do to try and change the beverage industry for the better in a recent feature on Environmental Leader: “The sustainability of bottled water has been a consistently tested and embittered subject for a variety of reasons. Issues with […]
  • Father’s Day Giveaway!

    Father's Day Giveaway
    WIN 3 MONTHS SUPPLY OF WAIAKEA AND A $75 MOUNTAIN KHAKIS GIFT CARD! Father’s Day is around the corner & we’ve got some awesome prizes to give away! Win 3 months supply of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water, a $75 Mountain Khakis gift card, & a super-soft Waiakea t-shirt! The perfect gift for the adventurous, outdoors Dad. […]
  • Kamalei Alexander: Surf, The Aloha Spirit, and Mauna Kea

    Kamalei Alexander
    “For me, Hawai’i is where my direct connection to this earth is rooted. It’s the foundation of all the emotions that surge through my veins, a culmination of decades of fear, love, and loss. I consider myself merely a reflection of the past.” Undoubtedly, professional surfer Kamalei Alexander is the physical manifestation of the Aloha Spirit. […]
  • Kelly Ripa Says Alkaline Cleanse ‘Changed My Life’

    Kelly Ripa Alkaline Cleanse Waiakea Water
    “Kelly Ripa says a high-alkaline cleanse has changed her life — but what is it? And does it work?” What is considered a “trending” diet, high alkaline foods and waters are quickly becoming popular among celebrities and health-concious consumers. A high-alkaline diet consists of eating alkalizing foods such as berries, citrus fruits and leafy vegetables, while avoiding acidic foods like refined […]
  • Waiakea Installs Another 2 Water Pumps: Clean Water for Malawi

    Kathomba Pump Aid Clean Water
    We’re proud to share that another 2 new water pumps have been built and installed in Kasonda and Kathobwa, Malawi, providing 236 community members with clean and protected drinking water! For every liter of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water sold, the equivalent of 650 liters is donated to our partner Pump Aid who builds safe, functional, and community-managed elephant […]
  • Murky Waters: California’s Water Management Lacks Transparency

    California Drought Water Management Lacks Transparency
    Murmurs of ‘water wars’ can be heard throughout the media landscape, and for good reason. Governor Jerry Brown declared California’s growing water crisis a state of emergency, mandating a reduction of 25% in household water use. And as a result, people have begun to frantically point fingers in an attempt to shuffle the blame. But […]